No. of pages: 48
2nd Edition by RIWAQ: 2003
Languages: English
ISBN: 0-7141-1599-1

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The daily life of the Palestinian highlands has changed a great deal since the turn of the century. This book describes traditional village architecture and furnishings, agricultural activities and food production, and the rural crafts and activities of basketry, pottery, and weaving. Based on field work in the West Bank, and illustrated with archival and contemporary photographs and nineteenth-century watercolors, this book provides a picture of a way of life that is now part of Palestinian history.


  • Vera Tamari was born in Jerusalem in 1945. She received a B.A. in fine arts in 1966 from the Beirut College for Women (now the Lebanese American University) in Lebanon. Tamari completed her studies in ceramics at the Instituto Statale per la Ceramica in Florence, Italy in 1972. In 1984, she obtained an MFA degree in Islamic Art and Architecture from Oxford University. In 1975, she became the first artist to establish a ceramics studio in the West Bank. Tamari lectures at Birzeit University and works at her studio in Ramallah. She wrote many articles specialized in Islamic ceramics and the artistic movement in the Occupied Territories. She had several solo exhibitions.

  • Dr. Suad Amiry is a writer and an architect. She is the author of a number of architectural and non-fiction books. Her book “Sharon and my Mother-In-Law” was translated into twenty languages and won her Italy’s prestigious literary award, “Permio Viareggio” (2003). Her book, “Golda Slept Here” was awarded the 2014 “Nonino Prize” in Italy. Her most recent book is “My Damascus.” Amiry is the founder of Riwaq in Ramallah, Palestine. In 2011, she presented “My Work My Hobby” at TEDxRamallah.


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