CULTURAL HERITAGE: Manual for an educational approach taking Jericho as case study


No. of pages: 140
Publication date: 2013
Languages: Arabic

ISBN: 978-9950-303-14-0

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This is a training manual for teachers on using innovative approaches to engage students in learning about cultural heritage. By using Jericho as an example city for the “book,” teachers are given a guided tour with explanations on how to lead a school project that encourages students to explore cultural heritage while considering their respective city/town as a “hub,” or cultural center.

This book presents an educational methodology focusing on “cultural heritage,” and presents interactive educational instruction that defies the conventional or parochial role of students and teachers. The guide was written in collaboration with educators and students, mainly sixth to tenth graders, in which students collected items of cultural heritage and shared the narratives attached to them from different perspectives. Instead of having material handed out and prescribed to them, this approach helps students form and express their own knowledge, and encourages them to develop independent research capabilities, which is a skill that is principally absent in contemporary educational curricula.


  • Wasim Al Kurdi is a poet, writer, and practitioner in the field of drama in education. He headed the Educational Research and Development Programme at the A. M. Qattan Foundation. He was managing editor of Al-Kateb Magazine, and is currently the chief editor of the Ru’a Tarbawiyya periodic educational magazine. He has published four poetry collections and written four lyrical dance performances produced by Al-Funoun Dance Troupe and the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.


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Cultural Heritage: Manual for an educational approach taking Jericho as case study