Jacques Barlet

Jacques BARLET is an Architect – Graduate in History of Art and Archaeology (University of Liège - Belgium). He is a scientific collaborator at the Belgian Centre for Archaeological Research when he conducted excavation and anastylosis study of the Roman theatre, houses, and the caravanserai of Apamée-sur-l’Oronte (Syria). He served as a consultant at the Council of Europe (1973-1976), and as a professor at the University of Liège (1990 to 2006) where he lectured about preservation and restoration of the immovable cultural heritage, history of architecture. Since 2002, he has been the Honorary Chairman of the Royal Commission of Monuments, Sites, and Excavations. Between 2006 and 2018, he joined scientific missions and restoration projects of the Walloon Heritage Institute, during which he worked with Riwaq Center in Ramallah, Palestine on the restoration of Hosh el-Etem, Morcos Nassar Mansion, Dar es-Sa’a, St. George Monastery, Al-Huqqiyya Mansion. In 2019, Barlet was awarded “Riwaq’s Honorary Award” in its first edition.

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