Discover your next book "By rendering spatial practices and longing explicit, Riwaq makes possible the transformation of architectural heritage into symbol. As an explicitly formatted aesthetic form, the symbol becomes available for political action"

Khaldun Bshara, Series Editor
Discover your next book "A person who no longer has a homeland takes writing as a home "

Edward Said
discover your next book "RIWAQ’s Monograph Series is a response to the dearth of literature on the subject written by Palestinians…for Palestinians" Discover your next book "If we were to live a post-colonial moment, we need to be part of knowledge production… not consumption"

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The daily life of the Palestinian highlands has changed a great deal since the turn of the 20th century.

--Suad Amiry and Vera Tamari. The Palestinian Village Home, backcover.

Vera Tamari

The best ten years of my professional life and my friendship with Riwaq team…Really!!!

Jacques BARLET, 2021

Jacques Barlet

Upgrading the living environment for those who reside in historic buildings and centers is at the core of RIWAQ's principles and design choices.

--Khaldun Bshara, Tashgheel, p. 49.



Khaldun Bshara

Almost every member of the community participated in the process of building a peasant house. Though the construction of the house was seen primerly as a man's task, women and children gave a helping hand

--Suad Amiry, Peasant Architecture in Palestine, p. 144.




Suad Amiry